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After writing many articles for newspapers and magazines during high school and college, Larry's focus became the business, academic, and nonprofit worlds. His writing focused on proposals, grants, reports, resumes and the dreaded performance evaluation.​ He founded and was managing editor of Environs, a community magazine.

Many will tell you that writing is a one-person job. He doesn't agree. As with most good things that have happened to him, it takes a team with varying skills to produce a meaningful product. It takes a good writer, knowledgeable feedback from readers, an understanding editor, and a skilled proofreader to produce a high-quality product.

During the last few years he ventured out and wrote flash fiction, a fiction fantasy, and two nonfiction books. 

Here is a recap of his three books.

After his beloved pet crossed rainbow bridge he wrote Hairy's Ultimate Adventure with the skillful help of Michael Piazza. Hairy, a Springer Spaniel, drifts from his earthly life and floats weightlessly across the bands of rainbow light. It is a heartwarming story that will bring a tear to your eye and a smile to your face. If you ever lost a pet, this story will bring comfort and hope to you while reminding you of the precious memories and pleasures your own pet brought you.

SOAR Without Limits: 6 Steps to Overcome Obstacles and Achieve Results is a comprehensive, exciting process which gives you the tools to develop skills that will help you act more confidently, successfully, positively, and effectively. The method addresses social and psychological factors that promote a fulfilled, healthy, and productive lifestyle. Want to realize your dreams or just get through your day? Following these six simple and straightforward steps.

Pocket Guide: For Writers and Editors helps writers and editors create a professional manuscript that achieves the writer's desired outcome. It gives the fiction and nonfiction writer and editor a common foundation for communication. Working together they can turn a good manuscript into a great one. The right editor can help a writer create a high-quality product.

This pocket guide helps those who want editing and self-publishing services. The book is written in simple straightforward language in a step by step process. This is not a "how to" book on writing or editing, it's a "what to do" book.

Michael Piazza has been writing since his high school days when he and fellow artists/musicians wrote poetry, songs, and short stories. Although writing fiction has always been his creative outlet, for decades Michael has used his writing skills to develop extensive case exercises for use in his seminar presentations. He now focuses his talents on creating fictional novels, blending his organizational and audit experience into stories. This series of suspense thrillers follows the intriguing chain of events surrounding Matthew Petricelli, former Inspector General for the Governor of Mississippi, as he battles the corruption behind the state’s Computerized Automated Information Network (CAIN).


When one of his best auditors working on a fraud investigation of CAIN goes missing, Matt discovers that the system was carefully crafted to drain massive funds from the state, with ties reaching to the highest levels of state government and beyond.

The first in this series of three novels, The Seventh Code, started out as a case study when Michael was a business process consultant to a major statewide system development in the late '90s, which he later expanded into a fictional novel.

The next in the series is King of Rules, followed by the third and last book entitled The Omega Club.


All three books are full of twists and turns for Matthew and his colleagues as they delve deeper and deeper into a spiraling set of circumstances filled with fraud, crimes and murder.


Other books by Michael

As With Any Angel is an inspirational story that opens on a cold and rainy night at a Wednesday night church pot luck supper. As a homeless man stands in the parking lot, some of the people get anxious that he will come in and try to solicit a handout or a meal. David Tackett, a former college athelete and stalwart member of the church, takes the lead to confront the man in the parking lot.  Mitsy, the twelve year old grandchild of one of the ladies of the church, comes out and tries to greet the homeless man; but David averts her attempt and takes her back inside. Later, she brings a plate out to the man and encounters a difficult situation.

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Grey Wolf is a magical story of an aging man spending his last days in a beautiful mountain setting and the special people who see after him as his life intertwines with a recurring vision of the young and strong Grey Wolfe, a servant to the chief of his Native American tribe. Inspirational and heart warming. 



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