Updated: Jan 1, 2019

Have you ever been frustrated?  Today’s fast paced world with conflicting demands on our time can result in our feeling frustrated and stressed. This saps our energy and reduces our ability to be productive members of society. 

I recall that it was popular to break stress down into good stress and bad stress. Baloney!! Stress is stress and there is nothing good about it. I go along with stress is a killer.

Today you can chew a tablet and, it’s claimed, all your stress will dissipate into thin air. You will develop a positive mind and experience a calming effect. That may work for some to address the symptoms of their stress. However, until we learn how to deal with the causes of stress and implement processes which remove the stress and frustration we experience occasionally or frequently, we haven’t totally addressed the physiological or psychological causes of our frustration.

Now I’m not against taking a pill to help mitigate the ills we encounter on our life’s journey.  I take a few myself.  Heck, I used to be the Maalox king. If your doctor has prescribed medication for you, then by all means follow their advice.

What I am suggesting is that there are non-medicinal methods many of us can employ in our everyday life to reduce the primary causes of stress.

You might find Lisa Olnick's blog covering Meditation on this site helpful.

The Six Step “SOAR Without limits” methodology directly addresses the causes of stress and suggests many ways most of us can manage these causes without the mask of a chewable tablet.

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