Many years ago, I read a book on the power of Self-talk and dismissed it as an interesting but not a practical approach to get things done. Thankfully, I rethought the process and found it to be an effective tool to change my behavior.

  • These inner thoughts are even more effective when written down and said out loud multiple times during the day. Unfortunately, Self-talk can be destructive as well as constructive. Naturally, I recommend the constructive forms of self-talk.  They are more beneficial when phrased in positive terms. Positive Self-talk should be statements that are insightful, thoughtfully constructed, self-reflective, and motivational. 

  • See yourself as capable of accomplishing your desired outcomes. 

  • "Today I will greet people warmly."

  • "Today I will stand up for principles I believe are right."

  • "Today I am going to spend at least 45 minutes on a writing project."

  • “Today I will be grateful for my family and friends”

  • “Today I will repair a relationship.”

  • “I am good at what I do, I give myself credit for completing an assignment."

  • "I lead an effective and talented team"

  • "I am going to carefully consider options before making an important decision"

  • "I accept myself as who I am.”

  • "I am a happy person."

  • “I will ensure my behavior reflects my values.

”Positive Self-talk will improve your self-esteem. You will feel good about yourself and it will show in your interaction with others. Let us know what statements have worked for you.
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