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Updated: Mar 15, 2021

Many years ago, I read a book on the power of Self-talk and dismissed it as an interesting but not a practical approach to get things done. Thankfully, I rethought the process and found it to be an effective tool to change my behavior.

These inner thoughts are even more effective when written down and said aloud multiple times during the day. Unfortunately, Self-talk can be destructive as well as constructive. Naturally, I recommend the constructive forms of self-talk. They are more beneficial when phrased in positive terms. Positive Self-talk should be statements that are insightful, thoughtfully constructed, self-reflective, and motivational. 

See yourself as capable of accomplishing your desired outcomes. 

  • "Today I will greet people warmly."

  • "Today I will stand up for principles I believe are right."

  • "Today I am going to spend at least 45 minutes on a writing project."

  • “Today I will be grateful for my family and friends”

  • “Today I will repair a relationship.”

  • “I am good at what I do, I give myself credit for completing an assignment."

  • "I lead an effective and talented team"

  • "I am going to carefully consider options before making a major decision"

  • "I accept myself as who I am.”

  • "I am a happy person."

  • “I will ensure my behavior reflects my values.

” Positive Self-talk will improve your self-esteem. You will feel good about yourself and it will show in your interaction with others. Let us know what statements have worked for you.

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