Would You, or Will You?

The words would and will have very different meanings. Knowing when to use the terms correctly is important if you expect to communicate effectively. Do you think in terms of would or will? If you intend to make your dreams happen, think and act in terms of will,  to get you there faster.

Both would and will are auxiliary verbs. Can/could, may/might, shall/should and must are also auxiliary verbs. They have no meaning by themselves. They perform as helpers and add meaning to other verbs.

Would has a variety of meanings, such as: invitations, requests, asking permission, preferences, deciding, and imaging.

Would you questions almost always fail to evoke meaningful information.

  • Request: Invitation: Would you read my book Sunday?

  • Request: Would you be willing to write a review of my book?

  • Permission: Would I be able to leave early today?

  • Preferences: Would you like the red or green pen?

  • Deciding: Would Monday at 2 pm be a good time to meet?

  • Imaging: If I knew how to read, I'd read your pontifications.

Will is a definitive statement, indicating a certainty that the action will happen in the future. Will you questions get to the truth immediately. (Will you attend my Writers Circle Thursday?)

Will is used to refer to the future, quick decisions, promises, offers, probability, and conditions.

  • Future: I will write a pontification this afternoon.

  • Decision: I will eat less this week instead of walking.

  • Promise: l will get the book from the library tomorrow.

  • Offer: I will edit your pontification after dinner.

  • Probability: I’ll bet this book will sell.

  • Condition: If you buy my book, I'll buy your lunch.

You can would yourself throughout life. Until you will yourself, it's difficult to be certain of anything.
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