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Moments with Melinda
Dirt Cheap
An ex-wife's Journey from..

Darkness to Light

Darkness to Light

Here are some of the books we recently edited and published.

Moments with Melinda offers stories, songs, and poems to touch the soul of her readers. You may find yourself playing with your childhood friends, cooking with your grandmother, praising God, doubting God, the joys and struggles of parenting, listening to your children a little more, or at the bedside of an aging parent. Whatever the direction takes you be sure to pour yourself a cup of coffee and enjoy your journey.

This assignment sounds easy enough for Alex Johanson. Alex wears many hats: crop and hail adjuster, disaster adjuster, former general contractor, and investigator of pretty much everything he sees or hears. Although he generally works alone, he has an office in Omaha, run by his business partner Samantha. Sam told Alex that his constant curiosity and investigating was going to bite him in the ass someday. Well, that day has come, and now both Alex and Sam are on the run.  A simple assignment has turned Alex’s life upside-down, but he never meant for this to happen to Samantha.

"Do you even want to be married anymore?" she asked him in a weak voice. "No, I don't,'' he responded. An Ex-Wife's Journey from Darkness to Light is a story of one woman's challenging journey navigating the unexpected life she is forced into. She rediscovers the person she used to be, embraces the person she is, and battles for the person she needs to become to find her light. She was never a fighter, but along her journey, she found something worth fighting for. This journey based on a true story explores the single-parent role, love, life after divorce, friendships, dating, family, death, and finding oneself through it all.


Ride Share Experiences on the Las Vegas Strip

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Want to know what really happens in Las Vegas? This book recaps real-time rideshare experiences on the Las Vegas Strip. It is an array of anecdotal stories of people from all over the United States and the world and is the backdrop of 101 Rides. If you were ever curious about Las Vegas and what goes on in real-time, these stories will give you insight. I think you’ll find them an easy, fun, and fascinating read.

Thanks to all my riders who, shared their varied and unique stories with me of the Las Vegas Experience. Let your imaginations roll!

King of Rules

CAIN System Trilogy Book 2

King of Rules

This series of suspense thrillers follows the intriguing chain of events surrounding Matthew Petricelli, former Inspector General for the Governor of Mississippi, as he battles the corruption behind the state’s Computerized Automated Information Network (CAIN). When one of his best auditors who was working on a fraud investigation of CAIN goes missing, Matt discovers that the system was carefully crafted to drain massive funds from the state, with ties reaching to the highest levels of state government and beyond.

The Seventh Code is the first in this series. The Omega Club is the third and last book. All three books are full of twists and turns for Matthew and his colleagues as they delve deeper and deeper into circumstances filled with fraud, crimes and murder.

Serving A Lif Sentenc SM .jpg

This is a book containing life experiences and lessons learned. I hope by sharing my own personal experiences, others will know they're not alone. I believe by changing the way you think, your perception also changes and that will also change behavior. I want to be a blessing because I am blessed.


The Erie Marsh Series #1


Brownstown, Michigan near the marshes of Lake Erie, 1968. A year after the Detroit riots. Societal attitudes are changing, and the drug culture is emerging, even in this small blue-collar town. For fourteen-year-old Mickey Pervitch it is a time of growth, tragedy, revenge, drugs, murder, and healing with an indifferent father. Loner Mickey begins the summer playing baseball. On a whim, he takes a job as a busboy at POP’s where he learns lessons usually reserved for adults. He retreats to his safe place, the marsh, where his father meets him to sort out the heartbreak that drugs have brought to their family and community. The story cycles the reader through laughing and crying from one page to the next. It is a deeply touching and personal tale of a father and son coming to terms with each other.

Fricke Island 

The Erie Marsh Series #2

Fricke Island

1969. Fricke Island, isolated in the marshes of the western basin of Lake Erie is home to grumpy old Forest Fricke, a commercial Lake Erie fisherman. He lives alone with wife Fiona and 15-year-old twins Floyd and Freddie, also known as the Fricke Tag Team Terror Squad. The lives of the Fricke Family are transformed by outside influences and the need to survive. For Forest it is a tale of deep despair and for Fiona, a tale of hope. The story covers the Island’s darkest days during the prohibition era to its emergence from isolation to become a vital part of the community.

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Think Free
      Live Free
Think Free Live Free
Challenges for Rosie

A Children's Picture Book

Presidential Witness

Novel about what might have happened

Marshside Mama

A True Story That Might Have Happened

Challenges for Rosie
Presidential Witness
Marshside Mama

Like the hummingbird looking for nectar, greatness is found within the person. Each of us must find that greatness within ourselves. It starts with Thinking Free and results in Living Free. This book will give you a map to take that journey, so

you can tap into your greatness.

"Challenges for Rosie" is a fictional story of a true-life flamingo of the same name who took up residence in a foreign country, England, far away from her Caribbean homeland. The narrative charts Rosie's journey from her nest to a distant land across the Atlantic Ocean and traces the obstacles she encounters along the way. Rosie is a unique bird with an insatiable curiosity and wanderlust. She is an independent spirit with a goal to find more meaning in her life away from her local surroundings. Through her self-determination, discipline, bravery, and perseverance, she fulfills her dream.

Presidential Witness has it all. Mix JFK's assassination, a Watergate like break-in, and clandestine foreign espionage, then stir in a little MacGyver, and you have Joel Seaton's heart-thumping novel, Presidential Witness. Follow Secret service agent Robert Deschler as he experiences the twists and turns of this mystery plot - a delicious blend of fiction crinkled with the factual story of the time.

Although believed to have been killed in the line of duty Deschler treks throughout Europe, trying to evade those within the CIA who seek to silence him as the keeper of the answer to the biggest mystery in American political history. After reading Presidential Witness, the reader has one nagging question. Who really killed Kennedy? 

Sent to a quiet island near Hilton Head, South Carolina, Ed McKane was told to finish his latest manuscript or else. Joel Seaton's descriptions of the island's venues and the characters that inhabited the island are priceless. He has an uncanny way of blending fiction and nonfiction that'll make you wonder where the truth ends, and the fiction begins.

With no distractions, Ed has three months to give his demanding editor the finished pages. Daufuskie Island is anything but quiet and distractions come in all forms -missing painting, confrontations, speculation of a murder, category 4 hurricane.

After three months pass, Ed McKane returns to New York and his demanding editor. Does he have the finished manuscript in hand?

Jeweled Dagger

A Rubicon Series


A Rubicon Series

Keins Helmet
A Realistic Fiction
Your Book
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Jeweled Dagger
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Your Name 

CIA operative Nate Landry is lead on a high-risk operation to prevent a third world war.  He discovers the President of the United States' right-hand man and an archenemy of Landry is behind the operation: Finding out where the attacks on the Saudi oil fields will happen while staying alive, he must also deal with is half-brother, an oil company executive, whose eleven-year-old son is dying of leukemia, caused by his own company's incompetency.

Malaysian Air, flight 370 left Kuala Lumpur airport destined for Beijing, China. It never arrived, instead, it ended deep in the Indian Ocean killing all 239 passengers. That was what the world was told. Did Boeing and the CIA tell the truth?

CIA operative Nate Landry is sent on a secret suicide mission. He infiltrates the hijacker's hangar where the missing Boeing 777 awaits its final destination.

Follow the twists and turns of this thriller until Nate learns the truth and has to decide whether to tell what really happened

“Kevin’s Helmet” is a fictional story based on actual experiences of the students I taught. Throughout my teaching experience, I encountered the tragedy of some of my students either dying or being accidentally killed. I deeply felt the impact of death on my students. Through this story, I tried to communicate some of that sorrow and triumph this existential experience brings to us all.
My best friend, Kevin, was an exceptional football star linebacker. During football practice I tried to run around, though, and over him, but he repeatedly tackled me to the ground. The team was headed for the regional championship. Then one day the unthinkable happened. This is that story.

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