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Writing, editing, and Self-Publishing Services

Let Us Help You Tell It
  • An initial assessment of your project - No charge

  • An initial one-page sample - No charge

  • Note: A page is 250 words. All prices are USD.
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Pricing may vary depending on the type and complexity o your project. Contact us for a quote.

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Email: swlwriter@gmail.com

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Your Journey Starts with a Single Step

What will you get for your investment in SWL Media and Learning Center services?

Our editing, proofreading, and self-publishing services provide creative development that help our writers make their dreams become a reality. Our professional writers, editors, and designers passionately support writers and editors. Our desired outcome is to help you create and produce a first-rate publication.

  • Fast and dependable customer service

  • Status reports on large projects

  • An edited copy showing suggested changes and comments, for you to accept or reject

  • A copy with accepted editorial changes

  • A final proofread copy ready for publication, if needed.

  • Cover design, photography, illustrations, if needed

  • Reliable self-publishing services


We encourage you to rise above your present level of expertise. Together we can grow our craft to be the finest it can be.