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  • An initial assessment of your project - No charge

  • An initial one-page sample - No charge

  • Note: A page is 250 words. All prices are USD.
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Pricing may vary depending on the type and complexity o your project. Contact us for a quote.

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Your Journey Starts with a Single Step

What will you get for your investment in SWL Media and Learning Center services?

Our editing, proofreading, and self-publishing services provide creative development that help our writers make their dreams become a reality. Our professional writers, editors, and designers passionately support writers and editors. Our desired outcome is to help you create and produce a first-rate publication.

  • Fast and dependable customer service

  • Status reports on large projects

  • An edited copy showing suggested changes and comments, for you to accept or reject

  • A copy with accepted editorial changes

  • A final proofread copy ready for publication, if needed.

  • Cover design, photography, illustrations, if needed

  • Reliable self-publishing services


We encourage you to rise above your present level of expertise. Together we can grow our craft to be the finest it can be.

Want some encouragement to achieve your dream? Follow the Soar Without Limits Process. Send us an email and tell us how we can help. This no charge. Peer-to-peer interaction provides valuable feedback to help you on your journey.

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