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Team roles

Since you are reading this I’m going to bet you want to improve your team leadership skills. It helps if you are a good follower. A person who contributes knowledge and talent to a team as a member is preparing to become a team leader someday. While participating as a team player, more than likely you studied what other leaders did to move a team toward achievement. You paid attention to what worked and what didn’t. Here are some thought starters for you. Take a moment and think of your experience on two or three teams. Download the form and Indicate (Yes or No) whether the role existed or was nonexistent. Then use that information to develop your own leadership model.

Role of the Leader

  • Strive for high quality communication

  • Bring talent to the team

  • Play your position

  • Turn diversity to the team’s advantage

  • Support those needing help

Roles of the Team Members

  • Be prepared to sacrifice for the team

  • Welcome new team members

  • Encourage others to contribute

  • Spend time with your team members

  • Help maintain group discipline

Roles of the Leader and Team Members

  • Stay focused on the desired outcomes

  • Give attention to group process

  • Help create a climate of trust

  • Clarify expectations

  • Be sure you make a difference (Be a good sport)

  • I enjoyed being a part of this team. (Yes or No)

How did you do? If you are like most of us, you may have some work to do. Go for it! 😎

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