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Updated: Dec 30, 2018

There were times that my assignment required many hours per day, seven days a week. When I was a bit younger this was a common occurrence. At my slightly advancing age, this level of activity would be a bit taxing.

Young or old we all need to reboot – to shut down the system and clear our memory banks. The reboot is necessary for our well-being. If we don’t take the time to rest, circumstances will take over and force our hand.

Rest gives us the opportunity to reflect on our accomplishments and to focus on what is ahead while living in the present.A time to invigorate our mind and body.

  • A time to catch up with family and friends.

  • A time to reevaluate our values and be sure they are consistent with our life’s goals.

  • A time to explore new situations and environments.

  • A time to relax and enjoy the world around us.

  • A time to exercise our body and mind in different directions.

  • A time to concentrate on areas of our life we have neglected.

  • A time to let go of our daily concerns and center our attention on our desired outcomes.

This is that day for me. Pick your day and use it to use God’s power to revitalize your mental and physical being. Enjoy your day of rest.  You can turn the power back on tomorrow.

I’m going for a walk and listen to some classical music.

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