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What's Right?

Updated: Dec 30, 2018

What's Right

Are you asking the "what's right" questions? When you focus on your intuition you have a better chance of asking the “what’s right” questions. Asking the “what's wrong” questions leads us down the path of trying to fix something rather than create something. When you spend time concerning ourselves with what’s wrong, you drain your energy. 

The rational/logical mind deals with “what's wrong" questions.  The intuitive mind processes the " what's right" questions. When you ask “what's right" questions, you can go directly to the intuitive mind and bypass the rational mind It's easier and more effective to focus on what you need to do right to resolve an issue rather than working on how to figure out what went wrong. Asking the “what’s right” question leads to positive solutions.

I'm reminded of a consulting assignment when the company was charting its daily production and pondered over the days when production was low. A lot of time was spent trying to determine what went wrong. I looked at the chart and asked them to focus on the days of higher production and ask the question 'What did we do right that day?" The following days the chart took a decided upward trend.  Here are some “what’s right” questions.

  • What are you like at your very best?

  • What needs to be done to make my dream come true?

  • How do we shift from a company just getting by to one of profitability and wealth?

  • How do I find the right people to help me get to my desired outcome?

If you strive to be a visionary leader or an effective personal coach, you might want to consider the types of questions you ask. Ask "what's right" questions for your own self-development.  If this pontification was of interest to you, you might find What if? and Self-talk blogs of interest.

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