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Human Spirit

Updated: Dec 30, 2018

The human spirit exists in theology and nature. What is this universal component of life? It's a blend of human philosophy, psychology, art, and knowledge. Sometimes called the soul or mental part of humanity. I suggest the heart should be included in this blend. When our hearts and minds merge to achieve our desired outcomes, we experience all the components of the human spirit.

The human spirit is an intangible element of life that we all experience and use in different ways. For many it is a challenge to seek and comprehend truth. The human spirit gives us the capacity to pursue the truth of our existence.

Our birth is the first step to creating and contributing to our self-worth. We exist in multiple time frames and places simultaneously. We may long for the past, look to the future, and live in the present. Each of us creates our own blend of these elements. Human spirit helps us confront the future with imagination and hope. Issues and differences can be resolved with confidence. If we change our self-perception, we can overcome any perceived limitations. We are rewarded when our values and beliefs are confirmed by others or events. We put ourselves in a position to realize our dreams.

As a personal coach my intent is to tap into the hidden potential of each person who seeks my help. They are encouraged to overcome any limitations and take advantage of their gifts. Satisfaction comes when they beat the odds and persevere to the end. Their latent talents are expressed when all the components of our human spirit converge.

Most of us have suffered failures and have celebrated successes. Growth occurs when we continue to try and eventually endure. When we care, we try. When we don't care, we don't try. Personal indifference is worse than failure. Try new things. Love what you do. Let your self-confidence replace any anxiety or self-doubt you experience when trying something new.

What do you want to try today?

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