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Updated: Dec 30, 2018

We are always motivated, but are we motivated to achieve our desired outcomes? If not, why not?

People desire to thrive. We want to succeed. We are motivated when we engage in a desirable activity. When we are intrinsically motivated, we do things because we enjoy doing them, not for any external reward. Influence from external sources is not motivation. Others can create an environment in which you may feel more inclined to motivate yourself. They can also create an ethos of pressure and tension that can lead people to exhibit undesirable behavior.

Three psychological needs are essential for intrinsic motivation to become optimal. Here are some questions you can ask your self each day to improve your ability to ensure you motivate yourself in your desired direction.


Begin each day asking yourself, “What choices do I have?” End each day asking yourself, “What choices did I make?” Now ask yourself “How did I do?” You do have choices. Those choices determine whether you will come closer to your desired outcome. Examine your values. Will they move in your desired direction? What is your deeply ingrained purpose?


At the end of each day ask yourself. “How did I demonstrate my values today?” “How did I contribute to something greater than myself today?” “How did I contribute to something beyond my own self interests?”


At the end of each day ask yourself. “What did I get done?” Check off your to-do list. “What did I learn today?” “How did I grow?” “What did I learn today that will actually help me be better tomorrow?”

If you wait for someone or something else to satisfy your psychological needs, you’ll wait for a very long time. No one can motivate you. Only you can motivate you!

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