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Updated: Dec 30, 2018

Today, let’s talk about regrets. I imagine that we've all had a few regrets - some of us maybe more than others. The challenge facing us is to not to dwell on these regrets. Remorse and guilt get in the way of us accomplishing our dreams and goals.  They are just another form of excuses. Regrets are negative and focus us on our past. They detour us from our intended purpose. How do we go about making sure that regrets do not impede our progress? I'm sure you've heard this before, but it is worth repeating and remembering.  The short answer is: Let go. Easy to say hard to do!   Letting go means forgiving others and sometime more importantly forgiving ourselves.

After all we're only human and we're going to make mistakes. Mistakes are opportunities to learn. Take those lessons to heart. Learn from them and make the next effort just a bit better than the last.

Doctor Edwin Land’s, the inventor of instant photography, philosophy was: “Success is a series of failures”. Transform your “failures” into positive energy and move forward.

Come along with us on this journey to Soar Without Limits.  Put your regrets in the rear-view mirror and take that next step that will get you closer to your desired outcome.

Join in the conversation and share your thoughts.

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