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Thank You

Updated: Mar 15, 2021

These two small words can have a significant impact toward achieving your desired outcomes. While visiting a county club for dinner I overheard a group discuss this topic during their dinner. One of the individuals was commenting how this simple phrase seems to be forgotten by many these days. How hard is it to acknowledge this to someone who has taken their time and/or resources to provide you with some kindness or favor? Holding open a door, sending an email with a piece of helpful information, giving a gift of appreciation, recognizing an accomplishment, making a personal introduction, acknowledging an idea, supporting your vision or dream, or offering some other courtesies are opportunities to say, “Thank You”. To finish my dinner story, one of the dinner patrons left the table and the room (I watched him go out the door) without a "Thank You" to his server.

A verbal “Thank You” is just one way of showing your appreciation. Thank you notes and/or small gifts are always a good thought starter. As you pursue your dreams many people will help you. When you want to say or write thank you, it's helpful to choose the right words. Please remember to show your appreciation to someone today. Even a letter of appreciation may be in order. These are especially pertinent when a job or a love interest is at stake.

Thank you for reading. Please and You’re Welcome works too.

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