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The Power of One

Updated: Mar 15, 2021

Can one person really change the world? It is very rare that one person acting alone can change the world. While many of us might not be able to change the world, many of us can affect change in our own limited sphere of the world. We need to constantly reexamine our actions to afect change. Many of us are complacent in or own little universe that we miss opportunities to have a far more reaching influence on world.

With today's technology an idea can spread at the speed of light (slightly faster than a wild fire). These ideas can be helpful or a deterrent to progress. Ideas take root in physical or technological actions. Usually the power of one manifests itself in inspiration. The ability to inspire others to take up a cause can change the world (Martin Luther King). Someone who can reach out to others in a way that can change circumstances, or an entire life can change the world. (Thomas Edison). You can make a difference.

Possibly someone has changed your life or how you perceive life. If so, you are acting under the guidance of the power of one. Whether your influence impacts one or many, you are exhibiting the power of one in a profound and meaningful way.

Perhaps you have read the Smile Power blog on this site. One strategic smile to a person may help them through some trying times. Life's journey can have some rough spots and we all must learn how to maneuver over, under, around, or through these tough times. It helps to have someone give you a lift to get past those times and so you can refocus on the good times we experience. So yes, you have the power of one to change the world today.

  • Help heal the hurting.

  • Perform a targeted or random act of kindness.

  • Let someone you love, or not, know you care for them.

  • Be there listening silently when someone needs to vent.

  • Set a positive example and others will follow.

  • Be an effective leader when the situation requires it.

  • Be a good follower when the situation requires it.

Today, be somebody for someone else.

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