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Be Somebody

Updated: Dec 30, 2018

The following phrase is taped to the back of my desk name plate and has been for many years.  It has worked for me. Today I want to share it with you.

As a card-carrying procrastinator and poor multi-tasker, I sometimes struggle to take this direction. I am continually amazed at what I’m able to accomplish when I faithfully follow this sage guidance. How about you? Are you one of the fortunate people who consistently set priorities and focus on performing one task at a time? Soar Without Limits suggests several tools you can use to help you stay on point, so your dream doesn’t fade into the clouds.

It isn’t enough for you to strive to be somebody, you make your mark when you help others feel like they are somebody. Many of the blogs on this site suggest ways you can make that happen. I encourage you to take advantage of the opportunity to read them. You’ll find ideas you can use to serve others. You'll discover important things about yourself when you serve others. It makes no difference who you are or what you are, you can practice selfless acts for others.

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