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Confidence in Your Inner Potential

Updated: Dec 30, 2018

Are you taking advantage of your untapped inner potential of greatness? If not, what are going to do about it? Are you getting everything you can from life? If not, you're not looking hard enough. Life is too short to reflect on "if only". Infuse your thoughts with confidence. Boldly live your life your way. Rejection is just one more step to ultimate success. Focus on what you think and stop worrying about what others think. Keep your dreams in the forefront of your mind. Many of you may be trapped in situations you don’t like because you refuse to acknowledge your inner potential to develop new knowledge and skills. Let people who think you are awesome ignite the spark within you.

One of the most satisfying benefits of teaching the SOAR process is to watch others begin to realize their full potential. Their self-confidence rises to the top. They exhibit a “can do” attitude. There are many suggestions on how to build self-confidence from the way we carry ourselves, our method of speech, where we sit when we are with others, being grateful, and complimenting others. While all these can be helpful the key to developing self-confidence is putting your dreams into action.

What is your next level in life? Reward yourself by taking that next step that will move you closer to achieving your dreams. Create your vision based on your dreams and put in the effort to make it happen.

Early in my business career, when I thought I was exhibiting self-confidence my actions were interpreted as arrogance. I came to realize there is a very fine line between the two. It took me about 4 days into a 6-day off-site sensitivity training course (my boss made me do it) to realize my business associates were correct. Not only was I personally acting arrogantly, I was extending this unhealthy behavior to defend my teammates. The group helped me identify the behaviors, attitudes, and phraseology that created the perception of arrogance.

I wasn't cured in that week. But, it was a start. I continue to work on the attributes that fueled the perception of arrogance. It isn't easy. There is a trigger. When I feel defensive I work on the words I use and check my body language and how I carry myself. I believe I have finally tamed the wild beast.

I encourage you to be self-confident and caution you not to be arrogant. It is beneficial to believe in your talents and abilities. They help to overcome fear and find the personal freedom most of us seek. Maintain an optimistic view of life. Have faith in yourself, but be alert for signs of superiority and not acknowledging your mistakes. Those are the signs of arrogance. When we share information we should be confident, not arrogant.

You were not born great; you were born with an inner potential to become great. Acknowledge your inner potential and reap the benefits.

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